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Many people do not see any difference between the Abyssinian and Somali cat. However, the Somali and Abyssinian – are different breeds. After reading this article, you can easily recognize which cat is in front of you.

Related Breeds: Abyssinian and Somali
The Abyssinian cat – its distant relative is considered to be a wild cat living in Africa, which lived on our planet, called Abyssinia (now Ethiopia is located at this place).

Related Breeds: Abyssinian and Somali
Somali cat – a breed whose history of origin is not known for certain. It is believed that Somalis are descended from Abyssinian cats either as a result of natural mutation, or crossing.

Cats of these breeds have a good-natured, person-oriented character. Breeders are joking – if you want to have a cat with the character of a dog, then this is an Abyssinian or Somali cat. Both breeds do not tolerate confined space and alienation from humans. Therefore, when making such cats, make sure that in your absence they are not left alone, otherwise the animals may be subject to stress and depression, which will negatively affect their condition.
A variety of eye colors are inherent in both breeds of these cats: brown, green or dark blue.
Related Breeds: Abyssinian and Somali
Care for Somali and Abyssinians is minimal. Cats can clean themselves. They do not have much wool and it does not go astray. And the silver colors of Somali require combing, and animals of wild colors (red) completely serve themselves. Somali and Abyssinian cats molder much less than other breeds.

The Abyssinians, like the Somalis, because of the same genetics, have a disposition for the same diseases: eye and kidney diseases.
On average, these breeds live 13–15 years.
Muzzle. The Abyssinian cat has a small muzzle that is slightly elongated, while the Somali cat has a slightly extended one. If you look at the Somali cats from above, you will immediately notice that the shape of the head resembles a wedge, which narrows in the nose area.
Body shape. Somali cats have a slightly elongated body, thanks to which the animal looks elegant and noble. The Abyssinian cat is somewhat smaller than its fellow and has a body that is 15–20 cm smaller.
Ears. If the Abyssinian breed of cats has large ears that are spread apart in different directions, then the Somali has small pointed ears.
Related Breeds: Abyssinian and Somali
Tail. Somali cat family have a bushy tail, the length of which can reach 40–45 cm. The Abyssinian cat has not so long hair on the tail, so from the point of view of the first impression, it is inferior to the Somali.

Wool. The Somali cat belongs to the long-haired breeds, while the Abyssinian is a short-haired. Abyssinians have straight, short, hard wool. Somalis have a silky soft coat.
Color Abyssinian cats are only red, there are, of course, some differences in redness, but in general one color. And Somali cats are not only red, but also blue. Now the rarest silver Somali has appeared in Russia.
Temperament. The Somali cat is very silent, but curious and affectionate, and the Abyssinian cat is active and cheerful.
Price. Abyssinian kittens cost from 15 thousand, Somali from 30 thousand rubles. The difference is rather due to the fact that the Somali kennels are much smaller than the Abyssinian, respectively, and the kittens are also smaller.
Related Breeds: Abyssinian and Somali
Abivary – cats, obtained by crossing Abyssinians and Somali. Registered by most felinological associations as abyssines. The American CFA registers such cats as shorthair Somali. Outwardly, these cats do not differ in any way from the Abyssinian cats, but they carry the long-hair gene, and long-haired kittens can be born from the mating of such cats.

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