Major Cat Diseases
The development of the veterinary medicine of small domestic animals in our country began relatively…

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Parasites in cats
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What should be prepared for the appearance of the house kitten?

Examine the shopping list for a kitten and make a plan to prepare the apartment for the appearance of a small tenant.

Surprisingly, such a small pet will need a lot of things. What items for care, feeding and games will be useful to you? Going to the pet store, grab a shopping list for a kitten, so as not to forget anything!

What you need to buy at the pet store
You should not choose an outgrowing carrier: prefer small boxing, otherwise the kitten will feel uncomfortable. Over time, you can buy more carrying.

Think in advance, for which, in addition to the trip from the breeder to the new house, will you need boxing? If you are planning a long journey with your pet, choose a frame plastic carrier. On trips over short distances it is more convenient with a box of thick fabric.
Bowls for food and water.
You will need three containers: for water, wet and dry feed. For dry food, a “storage tank” is perfect, which can be immediately filled with a large number of “crackers” poured into the tank in batches. The drinking bowl should be large enough so that the kitten always has access to water.

Ask the breeder in advance how the cat feeds at the moment. And even if you do not agree with the choice and plan to change the product, at first stop on the diet to which the kitten is used.

An abrupt change of food can lead to intestinal colic, vomiting, or diarrhea, so just mix in the new food with your usual food, gradually changing the ratio in favor of the food you want to transfer your pet to.
Give preference to a small tray so that the kitten feels comfortable. Remember that cats tend to scatter filler during instillation, so pay attention to the closed model trays, equipped with a cat door.

Tray filler.
From the variety of fillers, make a choice, based on the principles of pet safety. Kittens that everyone likes to try on the tooth, suitable wood filler: it absorbs odors, does not require frequent changes and is safe for the pet. Over time, you can pick up a different kind of filler, if you want.

Cat tree
With this purchase, many decide to wait, but the cat tree immediately solves many problems: its trunk and branches are made of material suitable for the claw point, and numerous levels and steps will give the kitten the opportunity to splash out energy without risking the state of family values vaz.

Very soon the kitten will stay at home alone. Ensure he has fun all day, leaving a sufficient number of different toys. Suitable balls, mice, “cat maze” – toys that not only entertain, but also develop dexterity, jumping ability and strength.

Although cats and not the most ardent fans of water, sometimes they still need to bathe. Human shampoo is not suitable for this, if only because we have different pH of the skin with cats.

Until six months, the kittens do not shed, but it would be right to immediately teach your pet to care for wool. Choose a soft brush or a mitten brush.

What should I do to make the house comfortable and safe for a kitten?
Take care of safety.
All windows must be equipped with a strong protective mesh to protect the pet from falling.

Get a locker for shoes.
The kitten will not resist the temptation to taste your favorite shoes. To protect the shoes and the kitten itself, which can pick up an infection brought from the street on the soles, remove the shoes in an enclosed area.

Consider the placement of the tray and bowls
. Toilet and food should not be located in close proximity to each other. When choosing a place where the tray will be located, remember that this room should always remain open.

Prepare the “first room”.
To make the kitten easier to adapt to the new place of residence, first place it in an isolated room. Here, put the water, food and tray. After an hour and a half, when the kitten gets a little comfortable, gets used to the new smells, it will be possible to let it explore the entire apartment.

Do you already have older pets? Or will the kitten get to know your children? Then you should learn how to properly introduce the kitten to its neighbors.

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The development of the veterinary medicine of small domestic animals in our country began relatively…


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