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If a cat scratches upholstered furniture – what to do?

Breeding cats Every month dozens of Russians buy kittens, which in a few weeks grow into adult cats and begin to do what their owners do not like very much – mark on the carpet or parquet, dig houseplants out of pots, and sharpen their claws about wallpaper and furniture.
After contact with cat claws, sofas and armchairs will not fall apart, but the appearance of their upholstery will lose its former presentability.

However, to some extent, the living room and bedroom set can be protected from the prankster with a tail, and for this it is not necessary to lock it in a cage or bathroom.

In stores where goods for animals are sold, there are so-called scratching posts – if you buy one of them and try to teach your pet to it, it will scratch it and the furniture upholstery will not suffer. The classic kogtetochka is a plate wrapped in a jute or sisal rope – it must be fixed on the wall near the cat’s rookery (glued or nailed with a pair of nails) so that its lower edge rises ten to twenty centimeters above the floor.
Also to protect leather sofas and chairs from cat’s claws, you can purchase covers for furniture.

They must be made of thick fabric that can withstand the onslaught of the animal’s claws, and they must somehow be fixed on the furniture so that the cat does not pull them off.
Some sellers of home goods offer special sprays – according to their assurances, spraying them in some places will keep the cat from visiting them. Their effectiveness is controversial, and, moreover, the cat can gradually get used to the unfamiliar smell and stop paying attention to it. You can also buy a spray with water and splash out of it on the cat when it launches claws in the sofa upholstery – but, of course, the effectiveness of this measure is low, because the owner of the tailed beauty will not be able to follow her around the clock.

Caps for cats for catsSometimes in stores you can find silicone caps designed to be put on cat’s claws. However, it may not be easy to put them on the cat, since he may begin to break out and scratch.

The most radical and reliable way to save property from the sharp claws of a pet is to remove them, which is practiced in some veterinary clinics. But such a measure will turn the cat into an invalid, as part of the fingers is removed with the claws – after such a procedure the animal will lose the ability to jump gracefully, and his life can turn into endless stress. Therefore, if the health and good mood of the tailed home pet are more important for its owner than the luxurious appearance of the furniture, it is better to use more humane methods that do not harm her health.

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