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10 tips on caring for a pregnant cat

Cats are one of the most popular pets in Russia, America and many other countries, along with dogs. Cats are tender, affectionate little creatures and, when they are young and healthy, require very little care. Cat owners have another advantage – their pets may have kittens! After all, kittens are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. But before the kittens appear, you may find that your cat, once undemanding to care, now requires special attention from you.

First, you have to show your cat to the vet. Just as a pregnant woman needs good medical care, so pets need expert supervision, and cats are no exception. If your cat has never been to a vet before, now is the time to visit it for the first time. Do not delay this event; Your pregnant cat should be examined as soon as you know that she is pregnant.

10 tips on caring for a pregnant cat Secondly, parasites such as helminths can be transferred from the cat to her kittens. Therefore, it is very important to regularly check your cat and other pets for parasites to avoid infection. Be sure to discuss this topic with a veterinarian.

The third question you need to consider is feeding your cat. Now food is necessary not only for her, but also for her future kittens. You will notice that your cat eats more than usual as her pregnancy progresses. In the later stages of pregnancy, add special food for kittens to her regular meal.

The fourth advice that will help ensure that your darling is a normal pregnancy and ensure the appearance of healthy kittens – increase its volume of water for drinking. Keep her water bowl clean and change water every day.

The fifth tip is to keep it clean. The toilet tray will smell a little stronger when your cat is pregnant. To get rid of the smell, add baking soda to the toilet filler. If your cat spends a lot of time on the street or most of the time is at home, but sends her natural needs outside, prepare a toilet tray for her at home and make sure she knows where he is.

The sixth tip that will help you take care of your cat when she is pregnant is to spend more time with her. Cats are very loving. And they love being loved too. You will probably notice how your cat’s mood changes.

The seventh tip I can give you is to keep your pregnant cat clean. Of course, bathing your cat with shampoo is not a good idea. Instead, always keep a clean wool brush on hand and use it as often as possible. If you feel that your cat still needs to be bathed, first consult your veterinarian. Ensure that the shampoo used is safe and intended for pregnant and nursing cats.

10 tips for caring for a pregnant cat The eighth advice you need to learn is that your cat should not have fleas. A cat that has a lot of fleas cannot be happy or healthy. In this case, the flea collar can help, as well as flea ointment. But again, first consult a veterinarian, he will prompt you a safe and effective remedy for fleas.

Ninth advice – help your cat find a place where she will give birth. Fill a wide, but relatively shallow box with a soft cloth. For this purpose, you can use an old blanket or sheet. Find a secluded place where the expectant mother and her kittens will feel at ease and safe. If you live in an area with a cold climate, make sure that the place for birth is warm enough.

The last, tenth thing you can do is help your pet during the birth process. You will understand when the time comes. When your cat begins to try, she will scream and meow because of pain. At this point, she probably will not want to be disturbed. Stay nearby, but give her enough space and privacy.

Give your pregnant cat support and love, and then you will have beautiful healthy kittens!

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