First Aid Kitten
The first year of life is a particularly important period for a kitten. It was at this time that the musculoskeletal system is formed, the immune system is strengthened, socialization…

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What vaccinations do kittens need?
In the first weeks of a kitten’s life, mother-cat takes care of its immunity. But after weaning from his mother, his natural protection weakens and needs additional support. What does…

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Feeding domestic cats
The rules for feeding indoor cats are based on an understanding of their physiological and behavioral characteristics. What features are peculiar to domestic cats and what care they need? What…

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Breeding cats

“And today our cat gave birth to kittens yesterday. Kittens have grown a little bit, but they don’t want to eat from a saucer. ” Remember these children’s poems? Yes, cats are very prolific. They are able to reproduce from 6-10 months of age, and bring 6 or more kittens at the same time three times a year.

Sexual arousal usually occurs 2 times a year. At this time, a calm animal abruptly changes its behavior — it rubs against various objects, swings along the floor on its back, flips from side to side, walks with its tail held high, loudly, “with passion” meows, actively marks the apartment, including furniture, walls, shoes and other items, acrid by smell smell.

As a rule, this moment comes in February-March, then in May-June. It was during this period that “cat concerts” sounded under the windows of the houses, when the males gathered from all the environs found out the relationship and made a claim to the heart of the chosen one.

Usually these competitions consist in demonstration of a voice and fighting enthusiasm, but sometimes there are fights between the boyfriends. The final choice of a partner among the applicants belongs to the “lady”, and most often he becomes her “knight” for life.
Pregnancy lasts from 58 to 69 days. At this time, the cat behaves calmly, climbs to the owner, moves little, eats a lot, searches for the most comfortable, secluded place. By the end of the term the owner must take care of the creation of a “delivery room”.

The best way to do this is to adapt a box (50 X 50 X 45 cm) with an entrance width of 15–20 cm. Light-washable material (foam rubber, porous rubber) is suitable for bedding; rags and rags are put on top of it. Usually, the cat copes with the responsible act on its own, but if the contractions are long and fruitless, or the interval between the appearance of the next kitten reaches 4 hours, you need to call the veterinarian.
Now some owners resort to sterilization of animals to avoid pre-and postnatal troubles.

Without attempting to assess this (it is difficult to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of this operation), the authors provide the reader with a solution to the issue of their choice.

Feeding cats with natural food
Despite the presence in the sale of a large number of specialized feeds designed for different age categories, the question of feeding cats with “natural” feeds remains topical (if only…


Interesting facts from the life of cats
1. Cat purring is similar to treating people with acoustic vibrations and can help slow osteoporosis and even restore bone growth in the elderly. 2. The mustache helps the cat…